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Charakter: Mahiro FUWA
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  • Mahiro FUWA
    We don’t know if this world is real or a dream. Maybe the world until now has been a convenient fake. But magic will probably disappear now. The dream is over.
  • Mahiro FUWA
    To you, life was just something you acted out and ended, all according to someone else’s script. That’s why you were always quoting Shakespeare. However, Aika, I say that you were wrong! You did what you shouldn’t have, and didn’t do as you should have. Because you relied on someone else’s script, you were wrong. I won’t live my life by another person’s script. Not by Hamlet or The Tempest. I don’t know how many years in the future it will be… but I’ll write and act my own ending.
  • Mahiro FUWA
    Hamlet’s mistake is that he believed in something like a ghost that doesn’t exist. The second he believed in something irrational, he was doomed. Those are just delusions imagined by the living. Once you’re dead, that’s it. The dead don’t return, nor do they hear our wishes. It’s all an illusion. Things you forgot to say, things you couldn’t say… they want ghosts to hear them, so they dream one up. It’s also possible that people imagine their desire as ghosts.
  • Mahiro FUWA
    Butterflies have always been said to carry souls of the dead or to bring bad omens.



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  • ja Mahiro FUWA 不破 真広 (ふわ まひろ)
    Tätigkeiten: Gakusei



Wallpaper: Zetsuen no Tempest: The Civilization Blaster



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